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How does your company make decisions about the economics of a planned store or shopping center?  Retail Research Group, Inc. is one of the leading retail consulting groups providing answers to organizations like yours.  We work with our clients to understand the potential for a store location by evaluating a defined primary trade area for the proposed store and its direct competition as well as developing an accurate current population estimate and available potential to produce a market simulation model to project sales volume for that location.  Our process also defines the expected sales increase over the first three years of the store’s operation. 

Understanding the economics of a proposed store is essential in good decision making especially with regard to the long term viability of every new outlet.  Our analysis gives you that information in a concise and complete document which identifies all of the relevant issues from residential growth, competitor performance, site development, and market change along with a host of other important factors influencing your decision. 

We provide answers for a range of big box operators, including supercenters, supermarkets, drug stores, and many general merchandise stores, as well as financial institutions.  Whether you operate in the apparel, grocery, electronics, hardware/home improvement, or pharmacy retail segments we can work with you in your store development.  If you serve a composite of those segments or have a unique composition our analysts are trained in evaluating any retail segment and store type. 

Contact us to discuss how Retail Research Group, Inc. can help you be more successful in your store development, strategic market entry, or in helping you optimize your existing store network.